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Flying from Shangri-La

What is was really like in the “Worst Place to be a Pilot”

Stuck in a boring office job, Matt wasn’t happy. Suffering with debilitating anxiety issues, he could feel his life wasting away. Something had to change. One flying lesson was all it took to set him on a journey to escape the mundane and embark on an adventure to a land unknown…

Matt’s life went from answering emails to flying the most dangerous routes in one of the world’s last frontiers: Papua. Plane crashes, tropical diseases, tribal villages and jagged, jungle covered mountains were the new normal.

If you enjoyed the hit Channel 4 TV series, Worst Place to be a Pilot, then you need to read Flying from Shangri-La. It’s informative, funny, tragic and proof that real adventure still exists.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave your normal life behind and risk everything to fulfil a dream?

Official release date, 28th September 2024

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I cancelled the reverse thrust and breathed out. I had been holding my breath since we started sliding down the airstrip.

‘F*** me!’ I said out loud to no one.

The engine was still running, the wheels all seemed to be attached and the aircraft wasn’t embedded on a wooden post or buried in a bunch of trees.

‘F*** me!’ I repeated to myself.

Extract from Flying from Shangri-La by Matt Dearden

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7 thoughts on “Flying from Shangri-La”

  1. Living vicariously through you! I’m currently doing my PPL and this is a dream! My Auntie Sallie told me to check your website out, can’t wait for the release

  2. Captain John Edwards

    Congratulations on your survival….I flew the Hawker Avro 748 lease demonstrator out of East Jarva and around Eastern Indonesia airstrips in 1971.
    I can appreciate what you went through….

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