Nabire Pilatus Porter flying video

Matt Dearden

English born professional pilot, writer, blogger and columnist. Currently flying the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter in Papua, Indonesia.

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16 Responses

  1. chris loukas says:

    amazing video, what is the track you used ?

  2. Libor Smolik says:

    That’s a good one Matt! Keep up good work!

  3. fadly kayo says:

    You’ve got another fan from Indonesia ;). And I’m not the only one for sure. Keep up the good work, you are awesome Matt

  4. Lion Ness says:

    Ibu Susi recent popularity brought me here. I was born and raised in Jakarta and never heard of Susi Air before. I am currently living in the US and working at a Boeing plant in WA. You are such an inspiration to not only aspiring pilots but also ordinary people like me. Thank you for what you’re doing in our country. You are doing your job but also making a difference in people lives in Papua. Be safe.

  5. capesafari says:

    Great job Matt,

    Did not see the tv show, but your edit is great and I’ll be following along.
    I hope to be flying in the bush soon (rotor & fw) – but for now stuck in IT career.


  6. Mat you very inspered me to be pilot in airstrip area , but i have some question mat sorry before , how you join a susiair? What a license to apply in susiair? i 17 years old after i graduated in senior highschool i will continue to flying school in indonesia but the license just PPL,CPL-IR thats jus enough to apply in susiair? Thaks mat

  7. Pau says:

    Nice video Matt!

    Did you both record and edit by yourself?

    Let me know if you need something like a logo animation or anything for your videos!

    Lightsport pilot here, multimedia profesional 😉

  8. Joko Handoyo says:

    Hi Matt,
    Love your work. However First Media blocked the link to the video (Vimeo is it?), it’s “Internet Sehat” thingy, apparently flying is not healthy according to them *kidding* 😀 . Could you please suggest a workaround? Thanks in advance.