Sorry, no flying updates for a little while…

Matt Dearden

English born professional pilot, writer, blogger and columnist. Currently flying the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter in Papua, Indonesia.

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19 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    yes it will be a pilatur porter 😉 hoppe you are fit again soon and make a “film” of your life!!! best greats from luxemburg Roy…

  2. Jon Grace says:

    Hey Matt, hope you get better soon dude. As good as models are they just never compare to the real thing. Hope you get up in sky again soon.

  3. Get better mate.
    All the best

  4. Gera Souza says:

    Wow … I really did not know that it happens ..
    Well, anyway, I wish your recuparação is as
    possible soon and hurry back in perfect health!
    Cheers to you!

  5. Get well soon mate! Looks like a model plane or a rc plane?

  6. Hope you will be able to fly again very soon!

  7. Get well soon, because I am looking forward to your diary entries. Bear up:–jbVeJ8M

  8. Harald says:

    Hope you recover soon and that you get back into the Porter to gather up some more nice stories for us! And finish your RC Porter!

  9. Have a speedy recovery

  10. Get well soon Matt….

  11. kachius says:

    I had a tube sticking out of my arm twice, when installing and when removing a fancy piece of… titanium.
    Wish you a painless and quick recovery Matt!

  12. AV8RKUSH says:

    A quick recovery and all the best…


  13. Emily says:

    Speedy recovery!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Get well soon Matt. Missing your stories, but please stay there until you are complitely recovered. I will be waiting with that drink at Halim.

  15. Pagar BRC says:

    Get Well Soon Matt.....

  16. pilot4life says:

    Its my first comment on your blog, mate!
    Get well soon, I always enjoyed reading your blog about flying! specially that I’m thinking about doing what you do at the moment..
    We wanna see you fly again soon..

  17. Craig Bailey says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.Nice little Porter, what kind of powerplant are you gonna hang on it?

  18. Please take a good rest and enjoy hospital meal.