Post from Kisar Island

Apologies for the lack of posting lately. It’s not through lack of wanting to post either. For the past week I’ve been flying a survey out of the island of Kisar. It was only supposed to take a couple of days. I’ll be posting up a full article once I’m back in some form of civilisation but for now I’ll summarise the experience thus far.

Kisar is a tiny Indonesian island off the north east coast of East Timor. It has one small village on the south east side, where we’re staying in the best hotel in town. It features such luxuries as electricity from 5pm to 8am (approx), no running (or hot) water, no internet (hence my lack of posting lately) and limited cell phone reception. Apart from that, Kisar does have the most beautiful beaches and waters I’ve seen yet in Indonesia.

Full report to follow when I get out of here!

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Matt Dearden

Matt Dearden

English born professional pilot, writer, blogger and columnist. Currently flying the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter in Papua, Indonesia.

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